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Rogue Royalty products are built on foundations of quality, strength and continual pusuit of excellence at all times. We aim to build the world's best dog collars and accessories money.

We're so confident in our standards of excellence that we offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on all products. If you are not satisfied with the quality you receive simply return it to us immediately and we will refund your item purchase price.

The pet industry is crammed with cutesy, gimmick products that may even look great but have poor strength and longevity.

Problem: Cheap, "throwaway" and low quality products. They want you to keep buying again and again!

Solution: Produce the best strongest gear possible. Safety for large powerful or working type dogs and peace of mind for owners. By producing quality dog collars and gear we ensure the safety of pet dogs, provide peace of mind and less anxiety to owners concerned about their dogs strength and ability to break out from inferior quality products.

Problem: Products that end up as landfill and environmental pollution.

Solution: Design and build products that last. By producing strong, often over engineered quality canine gear, we solve the issues of throwaway gear and the adverse problems it impacts on our environment. Today consumers purchase so many products for all that end up in the dump. This is a waste of energy and resources and extremely taxing on the environment and we are actually PAYING to turn our own backyards into waste tips.


We produce the webbing for our SupaTuff® Gear to our own premoum specification.  The webbing is made from extremely heavy duty tactical grade webbing yet our weave is soft and comfortable. Our webbing advantages include

  • Ultra heavy duty strength
  • Soft comfortable and yet highly durable
  • Non corrosive and salt water resistant
  • Easy to clean and maintain


Our leathers are sourced from around the world,  hand-selected and tested before being used.  The leather suitability is exhaustively tested with moisture, heat, and strength tests and further improved with master craftsmanship and care.

We only use 100% genuine bridle leather and soft napa leather for internal padding for comfort for both dog and handler.  We never us PU or Synthetic leather.


Quality fittings are a must for the safety, strength and durability of our dog collars, harness and accessories. We source and also produce our own fittings for purpose built strength and finishing to our premium standards of excellence.

  • Non rust steel studs and fittings
  • All studs bonded with industrial grade glue to prevent loosening
  • All accessories subject to mandatory post production inspection
  • Extra strength solid steel fasteners
  • Fasteners anchored UNDER base of collar band (Not by patch on top)
  • Steel D Ring Shackle failure rate is almost non existent with less than 1 break per 1000 pieces
  • Fasteners centered on nape of collar to bear foll load and not held by rivets near the buckle

Stainless steel double needle roller buckles are used for regular and large dog collar range. They provide extra strength and are easy to fit and release.


We designed our ultra heavy duty solid stainless steel bullsnaps many years ago. They are made from 301 grade solid stainless steel. Our design provides premium qualities from what is the most important part of a dog leash - the latch.

  • Engineered and built to hold any dog no matter what size or strength.
  • Corrosive resistant and non rust .
  • Stress tested.
  • Innovative grooved lip design allows for easy, one handed opening.


  • Interior of collars and harnesses are fully lined with luxurious soft leather padded ensuring total comfort for your dog.
  • Burnished and sealed leather sides
  • Padding also conceals studs and steel fittings providing a protective layer.
  • Re-enforced industrial strength wax coated thread
  • Re-enforced joins with steel studs and rivets where required
  • Inspection of all products to ensure quality standards comply