SUPATUFF® Dog Leash Black Heavy Duty 120cm



About our leather.
Bridle leather is amongst the finest leathers and it is known for its beauty, durability and longevity.  Bridle leather production requires expert craftsmanship skills and each piece is meticulously finished often using the same techniques as have been used centuries ago.  This skill contributes to its look, feel and durability.

We recommend our All Natural Leather Balm be applied to your leather collar immediately after purchase to provide a protective barrier for theouter and a nourishing soak into the leather fibre itself.  This will provide protection and longevity.

Leather is a natural organic fibre and regular care and maintenance is required to maintain it's premium condition. Improper care and maintanence of leather goods harms the leather and voids product warranty.

What if my leather dog collar gets wet?

  • If leather gets wet, do NOT speed dry it, dry it out slowly
  • Drying leather rapidly alters its chemical structure, and may result in cracked or stiff leather.
  • Drying at room temperature  works better than direct sunlight or hair-dryer.
  • Slow drying will help keep it in the shape you want.
  • Prevent leather from contact with salt water,  chlorine and harsh chemicals as they corrode leather and can adversley affect the natural leather fibres.

How should I store my leather collar?

  • Don't wrap leather in plastic.
  • Keep leather well ventilated which helps prevent mold and fungal growth.

How do I clean my leather dog collar?

  • Clean as necessary with a damp cloth and mild soapy water
  • Air dry out of direct sunlight
  • If leather gets too dry, apply Rogue Royalty All Natural Leather Balm onto the leather that will nourish and protect it from the inside out.


Our lux leather dress collars are an exclusive range of handmade leather collars made using rose gold, black plated fittings, beads, crystals and other adornments. Naturally with hard usage these fitting may be damaged yet the product itself remains functional as collar.  If your dog is rough on collars we recommend you select a dog leather collar with solid steel or brass hardware or a dog collar from the SupaTuff range.  Rose gold and black fittings are double plated however these fittings may scratch or chip.




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SupaTuff is our range dedicated to the ultimate in strength and durabilty. To maintain the supreme quality standard of this equipment we use premium quality components that undergo rigorous testing and inspection. These include:

  • Stainless Steel fittings latches and keepers
  • NO plastic buckles
  • Double pronged stainless steel buckles for extra strength and safety
  • Solid Stainless Steel D-Ring for maximum resistance

SupaTuff webbing is custom made according to our special specifications. 
- 48mm wide ( Wide Fit Collars & Heavy Duty Harnesses)
- 40mm wide (Regular Fit Collars)
- 30mm (SupaTuff Bullsnap leashes 120cm, 60cm & 30cm)
- 25mm ( SupaTuff Slim Fit collars, couplers and standard leashes)

  • Weather and water resistant 
  • Rot, rust and mildew resistant
  • Double ply webbing band support and strength



Our quality accessories are made to provide you with many years of use. Follow our after care instructions to ensure your maintainence compliments its longevity and quality.

  • Use lukewarm water with and all-purpose detergent.
  • Hand wash is sufficient.
  • Avoid excessive exposure to chlorine
  • After beach trips rinse with fresh water
  • Use a mesh bag and choose a low-temperature cycle if the washing machine 
  • Never bleach 
  • Use ½ cup of lemon juice with water and let it air-dry with sunray.
  • air-dry. avoid drying in direct sun, on concrete or hot surface
  • Avoid using dryer

Clips & General Maintenance Tips

  • Clips and snaps should be checked for fine sand or dust regularly
  • Avoid other dogs biting or chewing on collar or harness as this may tear the webbing and cause fraying.
  • Do not leave gear lying around outside, back of trailer or constantly exposed to direct heat.