RAW Food Range


We stock a wide range of raw food products under our Rogue RAW range. We do not sell pet mince, pet patties, kibble or pet food rolls as we believe in providing accessible, wholly raw products. While these options are cheap and commonly available, we believe that a balanced raw diet is the way to go!

Our range includes real, natural and unprocessed raw food to replicate the natural requirements of a canine or feline diet. Our premium Human Grade produce is packed in house with minimal handling and are snap frozen to seal in all the natural goodness and nutrition.


Water Buffalo, turkey, duck, lamb, venison and goat organ. Water buffalo, venison and goat organ is sourced from free ranged or wild animals, NOT intensive farmed stock, and are the purist form of premium nutrition to be found.

Our produce is hand packed and snap frozen. We do not use preservatives, additives, or colouring agents. Free ranged produced is free from hormones, antibiotics and supplements that battery animals are fed.

The quality of life, stress free, clean and natural living produces CLEANER, HIGHER QUALITY, PREMIUM produce. Overall a more humane product, our produce has shown to have amazing results on allergies, skin problems and other health issues in dogs.
Our selection of Washed Tripe, Goat Organ and Venison (Deer Mix) provides a highly nutritious source of essential digestive enzymes, vitamins and minerals for dogs of all ages and types.


    1. No mess or processing required. Let's face it, livers, lungs and offal in general can be a messy affair, we've done all the hard messy work for you! Ready to serve and feed.
    2. Our raw meat produce is packed FRESH and frozen in 1kg tubs for convenience in storage and feeding. 
    3. Our raw meaty bones are fresh and frozen in individual plastic bags for your convenience. Simply thaw, remove from packet and feed.

    We offer a refrigerated courier delivery service to 96% of Australia! Please feel free to email: with your order or call us to discuss your needs.

    Raw meaty bones are a MUST for a correct canine diet. Bone contains many trace elements and minerals that canines require on an ongoing basis. Furthermore they provide mental stimulation and stress release for puppies and dogs, especially at around 7 months of age when teething is taking place. Our Raw Meaty Bones include whole lamb rib sides, duck necks, duck wings and deer necks.

    If you have any queries simply email us with your contact details and we can assist you at:


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